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Queen Liliʻuokalani: The First Queen and Last Regent of Hawai'i | Episode 61

Queen Lili was the first queen to rule Hawai’i alone - she also happened to be Hawai’i's last monarch before the US stole the country from the Native Hawaiians in a violent and illegal coup, and annexed it as a territory and later state of the US. She was a songwriter and a pacifist and though she did not have much time on the throne, she was and continues to be beloved by her people.

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The First Asian-American Member Of Congress, Patsy Mink | Episode 58

Patsy Mink is known for being the first Asian American woman elected to Congress, but her amazingness stretches far beyond that. Thanks to sexism and prejudice, Patsy was barred from attending medical school despite a stellar academic record. Her dream of becoming a doctor dashed by circumstances beyond her control, Patsy turned her attention to making sure all women had equal opportunities in education, becoming a lawyer and then a congresswoman who authored the revolutionary Title IX legislation that changed education in this country forever. Her accomplishments were numerous and her drive unmatched. Patsy Mink was one seriously bad bitch.

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Georgia Gilmore, The Backbone Of The Montgomery Bus Boycott | Episode 49

Georgia Gilmore was a good witch with a bad bitch's heart. She was a badass cook who sued a bus driver who kicked her off the bus and, as a result, was fired from the white restaurant who employed her. At the urging of Dr. Martin Luther King, she opened a restaurant in her own home. Her restaurant became a meeting place for Dr. King and many other figures in the civil rights movement. She also was responsible for creating The Club from Nowhere, a network of women who sold meals they had cooked at local institutions, games and rallies, in order to raise money for the Montgomery Bus Boycott carpool. The Club From Nowhere raised a rough equivalent of 1200 bucks a week in today's currency, which helped keep the carpool alive for the 381 days the boycott was in effect. Warning! This episode WILL make you hungry.

INTRO - 11:44 | Deanna talks about the Malleus Maleficarum and dick tre

12:41 - 26:46 | Hannah shares the story of our person of the week, Georgia Gilmore.

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Jane Bolin, The First African-American Female Judge | Episode 48

Jane Bolin was a trailblazer in every sense of the word. The daughter of an attorney in Duchess County, New York, she had a lot to live up to. She did that an more - she became one of three Black students learning law at Yale, a school she was discouraged from attending despite her stellar academic record, and later became the first and only Black female judge in the country. She was an inspiration to many, and remained a staunch advocate for the young and the marginalized for the entirety of her career. She was one seriously Good Witch. 

INTRO - 9:55 | Hannah shares a twitter-sourced ghost/exorcism story that will chill your bones.

10:50 - 42:00 | Deanna shares the story of our person of the week, Jane Bolin.

Summer Heacock's scary ass ghost story:

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She Was The First Woman Elected to Federal Office in 1916 | Episode 37

Jeannette Rankin was not only the first woman ever elected to congress, she did so before women had the right to vote across the US. She was a suffragist, a social worker, and she believed not only in women's rights, but in space for women within politics. She was a seriously good witch, who made waves in Washington and helped changed the country and politics for the better.

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The Red Spy Queen | Episode 25

Elizabeth Bentley was a communist spy turned American spy and informant in the 1930’s – 40’s – she spent enough time as a communist spy that when she defected from the party, Russian spying in the US effectively ceased for years, so vast was her damaging knowledge. While she was neither a good witch nor a bad bitch, spending much more time in the gray area, it can’t be disputed that without Elizabeth Bentley, we wouldn’t have background checks, an oath of allegiance for government officials when they are sworn in, and McCarthyism might not have been the movement that it came to be.

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