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The Poet-Chief of Haiti, Anacaona | Episode 39

Hannah tells Deanna the real story of Thanksgiving

Anacaona was a leader of the Taino people, an indigenous Haitian tribe in the 16th century. She had the unfortunate task of dealing with the white conquistadors who came ashore in the 1500's. She was a poet and the ultimate diplomat, and despite the horrific abuse she and her people suffered at the hands of the conquistadors, she is remembered as one of Haiti's enduring heroines. She was a seriously good witch whose legacy lives on.

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The Defiance Of The Dann Sisters | Episode 38

November is Native American Heritage Month! As a result, we're talking about some amazing Native American women from then and now.

The Dann Sisters were and are spiritual leaders of the Western Shoshone tribes in Nevada, Utah, and California. They have claimed ownership of their land since it was passed to them by their family in the seventies - right around the time the US Government decided they no longer had a right to it. These women have fought for their right to their ancestral home for decades, and like the serious bad bitches they were and are, continue the fight to this day.

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