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Queen Liliʻuokalani: The First Queen and Last Regent of Hawai'i | Episode 61

Queen Lili was the first queen to rule Hawai’i alone - she also happened to be Hawai’i's last monarch before the US stole the country from the Native Hawaiians in a violent and illegal coup, and annexed it as a territory and later state of the US. She was a songwriter and a pacifist and though she did not have much time on the throne, she was and continues to be beloved by her people.

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The Poet-Chief of Haiti, Anacaona | Episode 39

Hannah tells Deanna the real story of Thanksgiving

Anacaona was a leader of the Taino people, an indigenous Haitian tribe in the 16th century. She had the unfortunate task of dealing with the white conquistadors who came ashore in the 1500's. She was a poet and the ultimate diplomat, and despite the horrific abuse she and her people suffered at the hands of the conquistadors, she is remembered as one of Haiti's enduring heroines. She was a seriously good witch whose legacy lives on.

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The Queen Who Was A King | Episode 26

Queen Christina of Sweden was an ambitious ruler with radical ideas and a love of academia and the arts. She was very likely bisexual, if not a lesbian (though we’ll never know for sure) and hated the idea of marriage. She’s remembered as the most educated woman of the 17th century and it showed in her various endeavors across Europe, first as Queen of Sweden and later as a guest of the Vatican in Rome. She was a woman ahead of her time, at times a good witch and others a bad bitch – either way, we heart her.

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