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Asian-American Women Take Flight: Katherine Cheung and Hazel Ying Lee | Episode 60

Anna May Wong is considered Hollywood's first Asian American movie star. Despite being forced to portray racist roles in the films Hollywood was peddling at the time, Anna was persistent about pursuing roles that could satiate her desire to play three dimensional Asian characters on the screen, traveling across Europe and China in an effort to find herself and roles she might actually enjoy playing. Anna May Wong was and is an inspiration to some of the best actresses and filmmakers working today, including Lucy Liu, who received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next to Anna May Wong's on May 1, 2019, making her the second Asian actor on the Walk.

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The Red Spy Queen | Episode 25

Elizabeth Bentley was a communist spy turned American spy and informant in the 1930’s – 40’s – she spent enough time as a communist spy that when she defected from the party, Russian spying in the US effectively ceased for years, so vast was her damaging knowledge. While she was neither a good witch nor a bad bitch, spending much more time in the gray area, it can’t be disputed that without Elizabeth Bentley, we wouldn’t have background checks, an oath of allegiance for government officials when they are sworn in, and McCarthyism might not have been the movement that it came to be.

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