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The Priestesses of Santa Muerte | Episode 33

Doña Queta and Enriqueta Vargas are two Mexican women whose devotion to Santa Muerte, the Saint of Death, has created a cultural revolution. Though Santa Muerte is condemned by the Catholic Church as a Satanic cult figure beloved by drug lords, the reality is she calls to people who have been rejected by their religion, families, and cultures. These women are responsible for bringing that faith to millions of lost people who thought themselves lost.

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Las Mariposas, The Butterflies | Episode 32

After a malicious dictator in the Dominican Republic retaliated against Minerva Mirabal's rejection with imprisonment of her family members, torture, financial ruin, Minerva and her sisters turned to rebellion against the totalitarian regime. Las Mariposas, or, The Butterflies, are now remembered throughout the Dominican Republic as martyrs, whose death finally aroused the nation to action, and brought down a dictator.

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Petra Herrera, Soldadera | Episode 31

Petra Herrera was a soldadera and hero of the Mexican Revolution who was known as a great leader, a fabulous marksman, and a destroyer of bridges whose story has been put together from eye witness accounts because the official papers conspicuously left her achievements out. We say screw That! Petra Herrera was one seriously bad bitch and we are gonna tell you about her.

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