Carmen Contreras-Bozak, First Puerto Rican Woman to Go Overseas in WWII | Episode 77

Carmen in Uniform

Carmen in Uniform

Carmen Contreras-Bozak was the first Puerto Rican woman to go overseas as a codebreaker for the army in WW2. She joined at a time when women's contributions to the war were not seen as military, and they were therefore not entitled to the same benefits as male soldiers, such as access to VA hospitals or overseas payment. Carmen was a patriot in the truest sense - a young American woman born in the territory of Puerto Rico who found a life she loved in the mainland, and volunteered without hesitation to defend it.

INTRO - 7:40:  Hannah asks Deanna how it was to meet Democratic Candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, at last weeks rally in Washington Square Park and how inspiring it was to be at the historical event.

14:50 - 31:50: Hannah shares our first Hispanic Heritage Month story (sorry we missed a week) about our awesome person of the week, Carmen Contreras-Bozak.

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