Brenda Berkman Fought Discrimination So She Could Fight Fires and Save Lives | Episode 76

Brenda Berkman in Action

Brenda Berkman in Action

Brenda Berkman has been fighting tirelessly for women's rights her entire life. Starting in the late 70's - early 80's, when she won a lawsuit in New York that resulted in the admission of women into the New York fire department for the first time in history, to her courageous contribution as a first responder during 911, to her advocacy work for women firefighters and first responders across the country in the years after 9/11. Brenda Berkman is tireless, fearless, and still going strong.

INTRO - 7:40:  Deanna shares an article about Peggy Oki, the radical woman who was a member of the renowned pioneers of skateboarding, the Z-Boys of Dogtown. 

8:35 - 41:25:  Hannah brings a story relevant to the release date of this episode, 9/11, sharing the trials and triumphs of our heroic person of the week, Brenda Berkman.


Brenda Berkman artworks:

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