The "Lioness of Brittany", Jeanne De Clisson, Brought Vengeance in Three Black Ships with Red Sails | Episode 75

The Lioness looking deceptively tame in this rendering.

The Lioness looking deceptively tame in this rendering.

”Jeanne de Clisson was a 14th century Bretton noblewoman who is today mostly remembered for her 13-year long career as a pirate and privateer in the waters of English Channel. Born in the high nobility of the northern French province, she swore revenge against the France for the execution of her husband that was approved by the King Philip VI himself. During the time of her naval war, she gained the nickname "Lioness of Brittany", which is remembered vividly in the modern history and pop culture.” 

She was one bad bitch roaming the open seas until she returned to her good witch ways. 


INTRO - 10:30: Hannah shares a wonderful meet-cute she found on a reddit relationships thread about a man who hadn’t previously questioned his sexuality, who genuinely falls in love with another man over a game of darts. It’s frickin’ adorable.

11:30 - 38:30: Strap in. Are you strapped in? You ready? You’re not ready… Deanna brings us a swift tale of revenge about our person of the week, Jeanne De Clisson, The Lioness of Brittany.


Coming soon.

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