Stagecoach Mary Fields, Badass Postal Worker of the Old West | Episode 74

Stagecoach Mary in all her intimidating, tough-as-nails glory.

Stagecoach Mary in all her intimidating, tough-as-nails glory.

"Stagecoach" Mary Fields was a hard drinkin', hard fightin', hard swearin' convent carpenter, former slave, and beloved mail carrier extraordinaire in the Old Montana West. She was the baddest bitch you'll ever meet and don't you forget it.

INTRO - 6:40 | Hannah shares some listener submitted stories. Thank you to Jessi for telling us about Juliette Hampton Morgan who was a forthright supporter of the Alabama Bus Boycotts who used her position to call out and opposing officials. And thank you to Nina for sharing the wonderful story of Tove Jansson who was the writer and illustrator of the iconic Finnish cartoons, comics, and fantastic world of the Moomins.

7:35 - 29:55 | Hannah recounts the epic tale of our person of the week, Stagecoach Mary Fields.


Journey Toward Justice Juliette Hampton Morgan Biography:

GWBB Episode on Georgia Gilmore:

Original New York Times Article about Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech:

They Die By Dawn, a music video featuring Erykah Badu as Stagecoach Mary:

Happy Birthday to Pod Mom, Rayna, who researched Berenice Abbott for Episode 30:

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