The Transgender Spy of 18th Century France, Chevaliere d'Eon | Episode 64


The Chevaliere D'Eon was a woman in 18th century France (historically known as Chevalier d'Eon) who, born as a man, was a soldier, a lawyer, and a spy for King Louis XV for many years before publicly declaring herself a woman, which was accepted as truth by the public. She acquired feminist works and did swordplay demonstrations in her heavy dresses. She lived as a woman for thirty three years in post-revolutionary France.

INTRO - 11:38 | Deanna shares a recent article that exposes police officers posting racist, bigoted, and generally inflammatory comments on Facebook.

12:36 - 41:30 | Hannah continues our pride month episodes with the story of our person of the week, Chevaliere d’Eon.


“Good Day For A Choke Hold” Buzzfeed News Article:

When Brooklyn was Queer:

Monsieur Chevalier D'Eon is a Woman by Gary Kates:

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