Leslie Feinberg, Transgender Warrior | Episode 65


Leslie Feinberg brought the complicated conversation about gender to the public when she published Stone Butch Blues in 1993. In addition to her communist beliefs and writings, Leslie dedicated her life to the protection of gender nonconforming and transgender people. 

INTRO - 15:56 | Hannah shares an interview article with Jonathan Van Ness on gender identity from Out.com

17:06 - 53:55 | Deanna tells the epic and incredible story of our bad ass person of the week and author of the book, Stone Butch Blues (link below), Leslie Feinberg.


Stone Butch Blues went out of print some years ago, but is available as a free PDF through her website: https://www.lesliefeinberg.net/

Jonathan Van Ness article: https://www.out.com/lifestyle/2019/6/10/queer-eyes-jonathan-van-ness-im-nonbinary

Happy Birthday to Garfield.

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