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Marjory Stoneman Douglas Protected The River Of Grass | Episode 57

Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a writer, activist, and accidental conservationist. She was already heading toward middle age, having worked as a journalist and for the Navy and the Red Cross, by the time she discovered the Florida Everglades. Once it became clear to her that Florida was on the verge of destroying the unique and incredible ecosystem that only existed in the Sunshine State, she spent the rest of her long life writing about and working toward utter preservation of the Florida Everglades. She lived to see the Everglades become completely protected thanks in large part to her work, and advocated for them until her death at 108. Good witch? We think so!

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Georgia Gilmore, The Backbone Of The Montgomery Bus Boycott | Episode 49

Georgia Gilmore was a good witch with a bad bitch's heart. She was a badass cook who sued a bus driver who kicked her off the bus and, as a result, was fired from the white restaurant who employed her. At the urging of Dr. Martin Luther King, she opened a restaurant in her own home. Her restaurant became a meeting place for Dr. King and many other figures in the civil rights movement. She also was responsible for creating The Club from Nowhere, a network of women who sold meals they had cooked at local institutions, games and rallies, in order to raise money for the Montgomery Bus Boycott carpool. The Club From Nowhere raised a rough equivalent of 1200 bucks a week in today's currency, which helped keep the carpool alive for the 381 days the boycott was in effect. Warning! This episode WILL make you hungry.

INTRO - 11:44 | Deanna talks about the Malleus Maleficarum and dick tre

12:41 - 26:46 | Hannah shares the story of our person of the week, Georgia Gilmore.

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Jameela Jamil, Body-Positivity Warrior | Episode 42

Jameela Jamil is a comedic actress currently on NBC's THE GOOD PLACE. That's not why we love her, though - we're obsessed with her body positivity which inspired a movement on instagram called i_weigh, where women talk about their weight in terms of awesome accomplishments and personality. She is vocal and strong-minded, but most of all, she's here to learn, and we were stoked to learn more about her. She's a seriously good witch (with a bad bitch way of doing things).

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Call Me Bond. Ellen Bond. | Episode 41

Elizabeth Van Lew was a Union-sympathizing Quaker living in Virginia during the Civil War. Mary Bowser was a free woman posing as a slave in order to spy on the Confederates and, most notably, Jefferson Davis himself. These bad bitches got up to all sorts of crazy shit - ultimately earning Mary a posthumous place in the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame!

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The Defiance Of The Dann Sisters | Episode 38

November is Native American Heritage Month! As a result, we're talking about some amazing Native American women from then and now.

The Dann Sisters were and are spiritual leaders of the Western Shoshone tribes in Nevada, Utah, and California. They have claimed ownership of their land since it was passed to them by their family in the seventies - right around the time the US Government decided they no longer had a right to it. These women have fought for their right to their ancestral home for decades, and like the serious bad bitches they were and are, continue the fight to this day.

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La Grande Diva Magnifique | Episode 20

Josephine Baker displayed resistance in multiple movements and multiple decades – despite being American born, she fell in love with and moved to France, where she became a war hero for her work as a French spy during World War 2. Later, she was a huge part of the civil rights movement in America, despite the many challenges she faced there. In addition, she was a raging bisexual. In short, she was one bad bitch.

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Tall, Dark, Handsome... Androgynous, and Legally Armed | Episode 15

Storme Delarverie was a dashing, androgynous lesbian famously photographed by Diane Arbus, a drag king in New York in the era of Stonewall who is sometimes credited with helping incite the Stonewall Riot, and a gay club bouncer until her death. She was involved in her community until her death and fiercely protective of everyone who identified as LGBTQIA+ .

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