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Marjory Stoneman Douglas Protected The River Of Grass | Episode 57

Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a writer, activist, and accidental conservationist. She was already heading toward middle age, having worked as a journalist and for the Navy and the Red Cross, by the time she discovered the Florida Everglades. Once it became clear to her that Florida was on the verge of destroying the unique and incredible ecosystem that only existed in the Sunshine State, she spent the rest of her long life writing about and working toward utter preservation of the Florida Everglades. She lived to see the Everglades become completely protected thanks in large part to her work, and advocated for them until her death at 108. Good witch? We think so!

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The Godmother of Rock and Roll, Sister Rosetta Tharpe | Episode 56

When you think of the origins of Rock n'Roll, chances are names like Elvis Presley and Chuck Barry come to mind. But more than a decade before, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was pioneering the new sound and creating unique hits that went on to influence all of the male "inventors" and "godfathers" of Rock n' Roll. She was a Black, openly bisexual woman whose gospel background provided the foundation for what we now think of as Rock n' Roll. She was a good witch who paved the way for a new sound that changed music as we knew it.

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Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of the Girl Scouts | Episode 55

Juliette Gordon Low, known as “Crazy Daisy” for her good-natured childhood antics, led a long and interesting life before deciding at the age of fifty to found the Girl Scouts of America. She went deaf thanks to ear infections, and didn't let that hold her back. She was intent on helping young girls of all races and backgrounds get outdoors, learn new skills, and find their independence. Today, 50 million girls have joined the Girl Scouts since the organization's founding in 1911. She was the very definition of a Good Witch. 

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