Wangari Maathai Was Not A Good Woman | Episode 07


Wangari Maathai was a professor, a political activist, and an all around good witch who fought against political corruption and climate change like a seriously bad bitch.

Notable links regarding all the topics discussed in today's episode!

A book about Belle Bilton, the subject of the #MisandryinPublishing dude's book, written by Nuala O'Connor:

An article written by the agent who started it all about #misandryinpublishing:

The Green Belt Movement, founded by Wangari Maathai:

Wangari Maathai was not a good woman. Kenya needs more of them. by Nanjala Nyabola:

"I Will Disappear into the Forest: an Interview with Wangari Maathai" by Dave Gilson on Mother Jones:

Special thanks to the fabulous Michelle Conroy, whose awesome ideas and expertise we are excited to utilize in future episodes.

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