She Was The Best In Everything | Episode 08

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Rosalind Franklin was a brilliant scientist whose contributions to the discovery of the structure of DNA were pivotal to our understanding of that ol' building block of life and an all around good witch whose awesome science brain gave us a better understanding not only of DNA, but x-ray technology and virology, like a seriously bad bitch.

Notable links regarding all the topics discussed in today's episode!

AV Club article about Y the Last Man:

Hilarious Much Ado About Nothing retelling by author Sarah Gailey on Twitter:

Please look at this fab Mentalfloss article about some things we didn't have time to cover this week:

A really great PBS interview with Lynne Osman Elkin, a professor of biological sciences at California State University, about the science specifics of what Rosalind knew and was able to provide in that report that Watson and Crick used:

The Guardian article that exams whether sexism was really involved:

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