Tracey "Africa" Norman - Model, Performer, and Transgender Icon | Episode 66


Tracey "Africa" Norman is a trans woman whose modeling career was on a roll in the 70's and 80's, with Vogue and Essence covers and even her face on one of Clairol's most popular box colors of its time - until someone learned her secret, and outed her to the rest of the modeling world. Years went by and other activists, models, and actors like Janet Mock and Laverne Cox learned of Tracey as their own careers began to rise, and took huge inspiration from her. Now her modeling career is blossoming once again thanks to changing national attitudes about gender, beauty, and identity. We have a long way to go, but people like Tracey are helping to create systemic change just by unabashedly being who they are.

INTRO - 2:55

3:55 - 43:35 | For our final Pride Month installment, Hannah shares the uplifting story of our person of the week, Tracey "Africa" Norman.


Oh men. You poor, poor souls:

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