Margaret Cavendish, Philosopher, Writer, Creator of Science Fiction | Episode 71


Margaret Cavendish was known during her time as a duchess during the Reformation and Restoration as a shy, kooky philosopher with her head in the clouds. But the truth is, Margaret Cavendish is responsible for science fiction as we know it today, thanks to her philosophical novella about a woman who is whisked off to another dimension, where humans and animals co-exist in harmony under the rule of a benevolent empress, and airships cloud the sky. Margaret was deeply curious and devoted her life to writing, philosophy, and science, long before society stopped frowning on such activities. She was a seriously good witch who marched to the beat of her own damn drum!

INTRO - 6:30 | Hannah shares poems written by a doggo.

7:30 - 37:36 | Hannah shares the endearing and fascinating story of our person of the week, Margaret Cavendish.


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