Nellie Bly Literally Went Crazy To Expose An Asylum | Episode 72


Nellie Bly is an incredible historical figure and certainly ahead of her time. She was a keen and tireless reporter, and she knew her worth. She became famous for her stunt as an undercover reporter in a famous mental asylum on New York's Roosevelt Island, exposing the horrendous conditions there and garnering the hospital millions in funding from an abashed government. It wasn't the only thing she was famous for - Nellie also became the first woman to travel around the world in 80 (or, in her case, 72) days - stopping to meet Jules Verne at his home in France along the way.

PRODUCER’S NOTE: Episode 71 will air next week. We just switched the numbers because 72 DAYS AROUND THE WORLD!!! ;)

INTRO - 11:35 | Hannah shares an article from the Atlantic about the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

12:30 - 50:15 | Deanna tells the unbelievable stories of our person of the week, Nellie Bly, and how she disrupted investigative journalism.


Atlantic article - How Can We Police Idealogy?

Episode on Elizabeth Bathory:

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