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Jane Bolin, The First African-American Female Judge | Episode 48

Jane Bolin was a trailblazer in every sense of the word. The daughter of an attorney in Duchess County, New York, she had a lot to live up to. She did that an more - she became one of three Black students learning law at Yale, a school she was discouraged from attending despite her stellar academic record, and later became the first and only Black female judge in the country. She was an inspiration to many, and remained a staunch advocate for the young and the marginalized for the entirety of her career. She was one seriously Good Witch. 

INTRO - 9:55 | Hannah shares a twitter-sourced ghost/exorcism story that will chill your bones.

10:50 - 42:00 | Deanna shares the story of our person of the week, Jane Bolin.

Summer Heacock's scary ass ghost story:

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