Half Harlot, Half Nun, All Poet | Episode 45


Anna Ahkmatova was a romantic, a patriot, a poet. She was a bohemian during the Silver Age of art in Russia, just before the first World War. At first, she wrote the romantic poems that lovebirds carried with them in purses and pockets. Soon, though, her writing and her career, which began with a bang in the smoky cabarets of St. Petersburg, tumbled through a revolution and two world wars, becoming a product of its time. Anna, her reputation, and her poetry did not come out unscathed. Despite all of her trials and tribulations, when she passed she was considered one of Russia's most celebrated poets of the 20th century.

INTRO - 8:50 | Deanna debunks the liquid diet fads.

12:25 - 47:55 | Hannah presents our person of the week, Anna Akhmatova


Nasty Woman Card Game:


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