C•nts Unpl•gged | Bonus 02



Sometimes on our show we have conversations that were not planned for an episode, but a topic leads us to an interesting, if not hard to have discussion. We swear up a storm and laugh at these things, and we want to be able share it with our audience, though it is a bit more raw than our feature podcast.

We bring you, C•nts Unpl•gged.

These are the bits that didn't make it in for whatever reason. Unplanned, Unfiltered, and I'll bet you can guess the next one... yep, Unplugged.

This episode of C•nts Unpl•gged Deanna dives into the controversial, and highly misunderstood, revised New York abortion laws. Reading from an article, she provides clarity on the specifics of the law and how the misinterpretation of the laws creates a hateful taboo around abortion and irrationally painting women who actually need abortions for very serious health concerns and anomolies as having murderous intent. If you’ve ever felt abortions are just flat out wrong, or if you think they are an entitled right, this episode is for you. The grey area of this issue is one we humans have a seriously difficult time reconciling at a macro level, but when looked at on a case by case level where women aren’t pre-judged for the act itself, there the laws are not vague, and that women don’t get abortions for the sheer joy of murdering babies.

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