The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake | Episode 14


31:30 - 51:30 | Qiu Jin was a poet, a feminist, a revolutionary. She liked wine, swordplay, wearing men’s clothes, and teaching others to fight for the revolution that would ultimately bring about the downfall of China’s Imperial system. She was a seriously bad bitch.

INTRO - 08:15 | ADDENDUM ADDED: Hannah and Deanna respond to listeners response to last week's episode's title, "Tammy Duckworth for President", and they discuss the controversy of Presidential Eligibility for American Citizens born outside of the United States.

08:15 - 31:30 | Hannah uses her recent viewing of The Handmaid's Tale as a springboard to analyze "Incels", Jordon Peterson, and the twisted idea of enforced monogomy. Incels are men who believe themselves to be "involuntarily celibate" and our hosts unpack the distortions behind this thinking and how it regards Women as less than men.

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NYTimes Article on Jordan Peterson:

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NYTimes Article about Qiu Jin:

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